Miss Trixie Drinks Tea......

was created by Alice Bennett a couple of years ago. 

Let's go through the story, shall we? 

Alice started Miss Trixie Drinks Tea as a way to show her family and friends her weekend baking. It turned into said family and friends drooling over her creations and phoning her at ridiculous hours in the night to satisfy their cravings. So she started to box up her cakes and take them to the people who craved them. 

A self-taught baker, Alice was meant to be in the kitchen. Her passion is baking, spending every spare moment of her day trawling Pinterest, flipping through cookbooks and travelling the globe to get that sugar fix. 

Alice pours her heart and soul into the cakes, baked goods, desserts and sugary treats she makes. All of her creations are homemade using only the finest ingredients. 

Alice is originally from Melbourne, Australia and has recently moved to London to follow her dreams and see what sweet dreams are in store for Miss Trixie.